Supernatural Detective Urban Fantasy: Sleuthing in a World of Magic and Mystery

Supernatural Detective Urban Fantasy: Sleuthing in a World of Magic and Mystery

By Neal Martin/ March 30, 2023
Last Updated May 7, 2023
supernatural detective urban fantasy

Supernatural detective urban fantasy is a subgenre that seamlessly blends elements of mystery, magic, and investigation. These stories often feature a protagonist who is skilled in solving crimes and navigating the supernatural underworld, resulting in thrilling and immersive tales that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

In this blog post, we will introduce some notable supernatural detective urban fantasy series and novels that showcase the best this subgenre has to offer.

1. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

Of course we have to mention this series, as it kickstarted the whole modern UF detective genre. The Dresden Files follows the adventures of Harry Dresden, a wizard-for-hire and private investigator who solves supernatural mysteries in modern-day Chicago. Combining elements of detective fiction with magic and supernatural beings, this series explores themes such as power, responsibility, and redemption. The Dresden Files is a must-read for fans of supernatural detective urban fantasy.

2. The Rivers of London Series by Ben Aaronovitch

In the Rivers of London series, police officer Peter Grant discovers his ability to communicate with supernatural beings that inhabit London. The series expertly blends elements of police procedural and urban fantasy, resulting in a unique and engaging reading experience. The Rivers of London is perfect for readers who enjoy the combination of mystery and supernatural intrigue.

3. The Charlie Madigan Series by Kelly Gay

The Charlie Madigan series introduces readers to Charlie Madigan, a detective tasked with solving crimes in a world where supernatural beings and magic are real. Set in an alternate Atlanta, the series explores themes of family, loyalty, and personal growth while delving into the ongoing battle between good and evil. The Charlie Madigan series is an exciting addition to the supernatural detective urban fantasy genre.

4. The Sandman Slim Series by Richard Kadrey

James Stark, also known as Sandman Slim, is a man who escapes from Hell seeking vengeance for his betrayal and the murder of his girlfriend. The Sandman Slim series features gritty, noir-style storytelling with supernatural elements, creating a dark and enthralling reading experience. Themes of redemption, revenge, and self-discovery permeate this supernatural detective urban fantasy series.

5. The Felix Castor Series by Mike Carey

Felix Castor is a freelance exorcist and supernatural investigator in the haunted and supernatural underworld of London. The Felix Castor series explores themes of morality, identity, and the nature of evil, as Castor confronts ghosts, demons, and other supernatural beings. The series is a compelling addition to the supernatural detective urban fantasy genre.

6. The Peter Octavian Series by Christopher Golden

Peter Octavian is a vampire-turned-private investigator who navigates the secret supernatural world hidden within the shadows of society. The Peter Octavian series delves into themes of redemption, love, and the battle against darkness, as Octavian uses his supernatural abilities to solve crimes and protect the innocent. This series offers an intriguing twist on the supernatural detective urban fantasy subgenre.

7. The Eric Carter Series by Stephen Blackmoore

Eric Carter is a necromancer who solves supernatural mysteries in Los Angeles, where dark magic and supernatural forces run rampant. The Eric Carter series explores themes of power, consequences, and personal responsibility, as Carter navigates the dangerous world of magic and supernatural crime. Fans of supernatural detective urban fantasy will enjoy this thrilling series.

8. The Ethan Drake Series by N.P. Martin

The Ethan Drake series – my own series – introduces readers to Ethan Drake, a hardboiled supernatural detective who must navigate the treacherous world of demons, magic, and otherworldly threats. Weaving elements of noir detective fiction with urban fantasy with a strong protagonist and a well fleshed out supernatural universe, the series delves into themes of personal sacrifice, vengeance, and the blurred lines between good and evil. The Ethan Drake series is a good example of supernatural detective fiction, offering a thrilling and gritty journey into the darker side of the magical realm.

More Series to Explore

supernatural detective urban fantasy

These honorable mentions offer a variety of supernatural detective urban fantasy stories, each with unique twists, characters, and supernatural elements. They are worth exploring for readers who are passionate about the genre and looking for more magical mysteries to unravel.

  1. The Alex Verus Series by Benedict Jacka
  2. The Nightside Series by Simon R. Green
  3. The Hollows Series by Kim Harrison
  4. The Cal Leandros Series by Rob Thurman
  5. The Matthew Swift Series by Kate Griffin
  6. The Connor Grey Series by Mark Del Franco
  7. The Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series by Laurell K. Hamilton
  8. The Secret Histories Series by Simon R. Green
  9. The Jill Kismet Series by Lilith Saintcrow
  10. The Ivy Granger, Psychic Detective Series by E.J. Stevens


These supernatural detective urban fantasy series and novels showcase the excitement and intrigue that result from blending mystery and magic. Whether you’re a fan of traditional detective stories or urban fantasy, these tales of magical sleuthing will keep you enthralled from start to finish. Dive into the world of supernatural detective urban fantasy and discover the thrilling adventures that await within the shadows of the magical and mysterious.

I’m sure there are plenty of series I missed here. Let me know in the comments and tell me about your favorite supernatural detective urban fantasy series!

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