Author Update December 2022

Author Update December 2022

By Neal Martin/ December 21, 2022
Last Updated April 26, 2023

Today is officially the first day of winter. Here where I live in Ireland, winter has already settled in. Recently, we had a deep freeze that lasted for a few days. It transformed the landscape into a winter wonderland, as you can see by the pictures I’ve included here. I’ve been dabbling in photography of late, so I hope you enjoy the pictures. HINT: clicking on them will make them full size.

What I’m Reading

Currently, I’m reading Conan by Robert E. Howard. I’m sure you’ve seen the movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (the greatest action hero of all time, as we know from Pike in the Drake books 馃檪 ). The stories are just as awesome, full of action and superbly written.

Conan Art
Art by Adrian Smith

Beyond that, I’m also reading Pulp on Pulp, a book about writing in the pulp tradition. I consider myself a pulp writer. Learning how to do it better is no bad thing.

What I’m Listening To

As usual, lots of death metal. But also some ambient stuff, which I like to listen to when I’m writing. My favorite at the moment is this one:


What I’m Watching

Right now, I’m watching The Peripheral, a cyberpunk show that I’m really enjoying. I also just finished Interview With the Vampire, which was as melodramatic as Anne Rice’s novel. But it was well acted and pretty well written, so looking forward to season two.

The biggest surprise for me has been the Star Wars TV shows. I don’t consider myself a big fan of the franchise, so I avoided these shows for a long while. The Mandalorian was great though. Pure action, and how could you not love Baby Yoda?

The biggest surprise of all for me was Andor. What a show! Superb writing and acting. Star Wars as it should be!

What I’m Writing

I have finished writing the first book in the Schade of Magic urban fantasy series. The Kickstarter I ran for it didn’t go so well, so I cancelled the campaign and put the book up for pre-order in all the various stores. It should be released in January at some point, depending on how long my editor takes.

NP Martin Books

For the book I’m currently writing, I have switched gears slightly. This will be a full on dark fantasy book, set in a completely different world. I’m only a few chapters in, but it’s shaping up to be pretty good. As with all my books, it will be fast-paced with plenty of action. It will also be dark. Grimdark. Like Ethan Drake in a fantasy world.

The world itself is called Arunnth, though that may change. The premise is that the world has been taken over by a dark god, and the world itself is dominated by the Order of Umbra, a dark priesthood. Our hero, Kaige Gullion, used to be one of these priests, but now he fights against the established order as he tries to change things. That’s about all I can tell you for now. More updates will come as the book progresses.

In the meantime, I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Your continued support means everything to me, and I promise to keep on releasing books that entertain you.


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  1. Jeremy Mullen Avatar
    Jeremy Mullen

    Really liked flintlocked! Your writing really makes me feel like I am in the world you create. Please keep up the great writing. I have almost all your books enjoyed them all. Wishing for more sell鈥檚 of your books. Cheers from the United States be safe for a world on edge of catastrophe.

    1. Neal Martin Avatar
      Neal Martin

      Thank you!

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