Black Mirror – New Release Out Now!

Black Mirror – New Release Out Now!

By Neal Martin/ May 22, 2020
Last Updated April 26, 2023
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Yes, book four in the Ethan Drake urban fantasy series is here, and folks, it’s an emotional ride this one. I felt sorry for Drake even as I was writing him, given that he is, in this book, gaslighted by a psychopathic warlock, marked for death by a Yakuza boss out for revenge, and tasked with bringing down a group called the Mirrorists who push Mytholites into killing themselves. And all the while, he has to deal with the crazy, and often bloody, antics of his “family,” including his mouthy Hellicorn and his five pet demons, the Hellbastards. Plus there is Hannah, his elohim/demon partner, and Daisy, the teenage girl with a penchant for all things Joan of Arc.

Yep, it ain’t easy being Ethan Drake, but Drake being Drake, he always finds the strength to go on and do what he has to do, which more often than not, digs him in even deeper. You’ll know what I mean by the time you finish this edge of your seat, dark as fuck, fourth installment in the series.

I’m loving the cover for this book. Ethan looks sharp as fuck, as he should, given that he’s with the FBI now. Thanks to Original Book Cover Designs for their awesome design work. They never fail to impress.

Check out the blurb and then head on over to Amazon to grab your copy:

When you look into the abyss…the abyss looks into you.

After dumping the body of a serial killer on my former boss’s desk, I handed in my cop badge, which I’ve replaced with an FBI badge. Yep, I’m a Fed. I work for Special Affairs, a clandestine department tasked with policing the Occult Underground.

My first case has me investigating a sinister therapist organization called the Mirrorists, who seem to specialize in convincing Mytholites into committing suicide, taking as many with them as possible. Evil doings are afoot, and it’s up to me to find out the identity of the leader of the secretive organization and bring them to justice… or an early grave. Whichever comes first.

In the meantime, my personal life is a disaster zone. There’s a Yakuza boss who wants to kill me, and my crazy Hellicorn is going through an existential crisiswith dire consequences. But it’s the evil warlock—the same one who masterminded the deaths of my wife and daughter—who is making my life a living nightmare. Not only does he invade my dreams every night, he also haunts my waking hours in a bid to drive me insane. If I don’t stop him soon, I fear I might end up in a padded cell…or worse.

With my sanity hanging by a thread, and my life veering out of control, running away with an old flame is looking like a good option right now.

I wonder what Hell is like this time of year? It has to be better than here…

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2 responses to “Black Mirror – New Release Out Now!”

  1. J-m johansson Avatar
    J-m johansson

    Any idea when we Will get this book as audiobook also?

    1. Neal Martin Avatar
      Neal Martin

      It’s coming soon. My narrator is finishing up production right now, so the audiobook should be out by start of October.

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