4 Ways To Cut Through The Bullshit Of A Corporate Society And Connect With What Is Real

4 Ways To Cut Through The Bullshit Of A Corporate Society And Connect With What Is Real

By Neal Martin/ October 11, 2015
Last Updated April 26, 2023

One of the biggest challenges that exists for people nowadays who live in this age of mass distraction is being able to cut through the distraction in order to connect with something that is real. And by real, I mean something that does not involve an online connection.

It says a lot that when I was researching this article, that I did a search on Google for “how to connect with what is real”, and the results I returned all related to how to connect with a bunch of websites and social media platforms.

Much of the world we live in today appears to be nothing more than an optical illusion on a grand scale. In this media driven age, we all seem to be living inside a collective bubble created out of an endless stream of media that demands our attention at all times. So much so in fact, that it is frighteningly easy to forget who we are as people. We become molded by the on and offline media we are constantly being bombarded with.

The net effect of all this media bombardment is that we become chronically distracted from the things that are actually real in our lives.

Social media is not real. TV is not real. The internet is not real. Those things are just constructs of our imaginations, the results of our rampant ingenuity. They matter a lot in the Matrix type world in which we live, but in the context of the wider universe, those things matter little.

As human beings, we are blessed with souls. Define the concept of the soul however you like, but there is no denying that each of us are born with the gift of the human spirit. It is up to us to nurture that spirit or soul, or whatever you want to call it. If you don’t, that spirit will die. And if your human spirit dies, what are you? A lifeless robot whose only connection is to the corporate and media driven illusion that is designed to keep you docile and disconnected from the higher truths of the universe.

Fortunately, there are still ways to reconnect with what is real in the world, ways that you can use to break through the illusions all around you. Here are the four best ways to do that:

1. Practice Stillness

This is one the very best ways to reconnect yourself to yourself; to reconnect with the soul you were born with, and to the universe itself.

Part of the reason why a lot of people are unable to connect with their soul is because they are too damn distracted to do so. I mentioned in my last article that the age of the internet is changing the very structure of our brains and turning us into shallow thinkers. The internet and the world at large is also massively distracting us from the things that are real in the world, like our very selves and our souls. Our society has all living on the surface of things. Our brains are overloaded with thoughts and a constant flow–in and out–of information.

The purpose of practicing stillness is to break through those distractions to what lies underneath.

What lies underneath our normal consciousness is what is real, not the dross that floats on top.

When you practice stillness, you cut through the dross; cut through the incessant ego-consciousness.

You go inside instead of outside.

Practicing stillness is about transcendence. It is not about escaping outside of yourself, but about going deeper inside yourself.

It is the best way to discover, or to confirm, your connection with the universe.

Practicing stillness is as simple as just sitting and being with yourself, in silence. Disconnect from the Matrix and just be. That’s all you have to do.

Mindfulness and meditation are the two most commonly practiced ways to find stillness within. Research, experiment, find what works for you. The important thing is that you just do it, and find a way back to your soul and the universe…and away from the falsity of the outside world.

2. Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

If you are like me, you probably like to spend as much time away from people (probably more) than with them. But the fact is, engaging in deep and meaningful relationships with other people is good for the soul. It’s also a chance to connect with something that is real.

Even though you might use the phrase, “Is that guy for fucking real?“, a lot (I do), there is no denying that people are as real as it gets.

There wouldn’t really be any point to existence if we had no one to share that existence with. We are here because we need each other. Souls are designed to connect, and connect we should, even if we get hurt in the process. That’s just the risk you take when you go after something real.

Love, and the connection that comes along with it, is the energy of the universe. Even science is beginning to hint at that fact, but we all know it to be true in our hearts.

People might still equal shit at times, but you still need them in your life.

Find the right people to connect with and let them nourish your soul.

3. Be With Nature

In a world that is dominated by corporate run cities and infrastructures, it is more vital than ever that you make the effort to surround yourself with nature as much as possible.

Go for walks and immerse yourself in forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches, fields…everything that Mother Nature has to offer.

Surrounding yourself in natural settings is one the best ways to connect with the universe, and with yourself.

Turn away from the screens for a while. Disconnect yourself from the Matrix. Feel the divinity of nature.

Your soul will love you for it.

4. Be Creative

Being creative is another great way to connect with your soul and the reality of yourself.

Being creative can be a very spiritual process when you are able to break free from distraction and just sit, creating whatever it is you are creating. You could be writing, drawing, designing something…anything at all that engages your imagination and your soul, and which requires that you go deep inside yourself in order to accomplish the act of creation.

It is a form of practicing stillness, and thus one of the best ways to connect with what is real in yourself.

Don’t Forget Who You Really Are

You are not your Facebook page or your Twitter profile. You are not what some soulless corporation says you are.

You are a spiritual human being with a soul.

Connect with your soul often by practicing love, stillness and immersing yourself in the essence of nature. Express your soul through creativity.

Those are simple and effective ways to cut through the bullshit and distractions of the world, and to connect with what is real.

To connect with your soul.

If you don’t, you face becoming a soulless automaton who can’t see past the corporate driven outside world, and there are enough of those people in the world already.

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